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African Centered Interdisciplinary

Multi Level Hands On Science:

Pre-primary - 8th Grade


239 Pages

Published Bernida Thompson,


ISBN: 0963294024

Adults will find reading this guide extremely interesting with GREAT discussion topics for any group! Finally – an innovative guide to teachers and students that fulfills all requirements for the nucleus of a science program. The purpose of this book is to provide a successfully proven hands-on science program for schools, homes, and youth organizations. The focus on this science program places the foundation of science in its rightful place, Africa, as documented by the study of history, paleontology, archaeology, and anthropology. Relevant hands-on experiences are given through twelve complete modules of easy to set up activities and student worksheets. The chapters include topics on the following: Earth Science, Chemistry & Matter, Animals, Light & Sound, Weather/Seasons, Magnetism & Electricity, Space Science, Human Body, Plants, and Simple Machines. The references and appendices include Africentric Rhythms, Chants, Hand Claps, Songs, African Games, African Communication, and Outstanding Blacks in Each Academic Area

Black Madonnas and Young Lions

A Rites of Passages

for U.S. African Adolescents


125 Pages

Published: Bernida Thompson 1998

ISBN: 0963294040

We need to take our youth through prepared teachings, exercises, and experiences that help lead them through a successful, safe, and happy passage into the threshold of adulthood. Black Madonnas & Young Lions is a training guide and workbook written to encourage and provide guidance to positive adult African-Americans and various African-American organizations who wish to establish affiliate Rites of Passage groups. This book is also meant to serve as a student manual for African-American adolescents going through this training. Objectives in this publication for the African-American Rites of Passage training of adolescents includes: enhancing the adolescent's knowledge about the Black family, physical and psychological endurance, health and proper nutrition, Black art, music, and dance, spirituality, cleanliness, time-management, Africentric values, sexuality, influence, respect and more.

He Calls Me by the Thunder


Paperback: 114 pages

 Beryl Khabeer (Author)

Published: Roots Activity Learning Center, 1998

ISBN-10: 0963294032

ISBN-13: 978-0963294036

This book is a must for every family to read as statistics show that one out of every four people suffers from some form of mental illness within one's lifetime! This book is a first person account of a Black woman named Beryl Abdullah Khabeer, residing in Cleveland, Ohio who has been diagnosed variously with ALL the mental health labels. In this autobiography of a brilliant and gifted Black female embroiled in the 1960's societal values of integration. She succumbs to male privilege in various forms, which leave her mentally ill. It is the story of tragedy turned triumph as she emerges from all the ravages of severe mental illness. One one plane of our common spaces the author accesses a reality of God and entreats to do His bidding as an Atoning instrument. However, on the Western secular plane of reality, she is viewed as mentally sick. She dares you to travel with her through the pages of this book, as you will never view life the same!

Bring On Life! A Tribute to

Baba Kamau Robinson,

King Father of Roots

(Memorial Edition)


Pages: 109

Edited by: Abena Walker

Published: Roots Activity

Learning Center, December  2006

ISBN: 0963294067

This work of love is a tribute to King Kamau Robinson and is also dedicated to Dr. Bernida Thompson, the founder of Roots Activity Learning Center, Inc. and Roots Public Charter School. It is a collection of letters, essays, poetry, tributes, and artwork from Baba Kamau Robinson's students, colleagues, closest friends and family, and community. His legacy will live on in his students and in generations to com

My Afri-Bets Learning Book


Paperback: 84 pages

Publisher: Jesse Sharpe (January 24, 2011)


ISBN-10: 1453635467

ISBN-13: 978-1453635469

My Afribets LearningBook is an African-centered activity book that combines poetry, cutting, pasting and drawing activities. It also introduces the reader to Swahili for an on-hands enriching experience. My Afri-bets Learning Book is designed to engage the teacher, the child, and the parent in a enriching learning experience.

A Black Man's Testament Towards Afrikan Theology



January 1, 1993

by Kirk Drumming