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Parents Activity Committee (PAC)

What is the "PAC"?   

PAC is the Parent Activity Committee that meets monthly with school staff to address and solve any problems that may arise during the school year and to assist in the planning of future events.


Who attends "PAC" meetings?

The "PAC" meetings are attended by Parents, School Staff, Administration, outside groups, and sometimes students.

When are "PAC" meetings?

The "PAC" meeting dates are scheduled for every second Wednesday of the month. At present all meetings are virtual and will start at 6:00 pm

Can I attend meetings?

All Roots parents of currently enrolled students are welcome and encouraged to attend.  Meetings will be by Zoom or face-to-face. When face-to-face, contact the school if you require aftercare. The fee for aftercare is $10:00.

Where can I find out what is going to be discussed?

Meetings will be by Zoom or face-to-face. Please check the newsletter.

I missed the last meeting, where can I find the minutes?

Contact the Secretary for minutes.

What are the PAC Dues?

The PAC Dues are $25 a year.


2022-23 School Year PAC Officers

President- Muata Gibson

Vice president- Sydney Gibson

Secretary- Chido Muronda

Treasurer - Tanza Terrel

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